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“The more we learn about helping ourselves, the better prepared we are to help others too.”
Emma Tomes

How we help

Providing helpful learning experiences for you, your people, teams and organisation.

Our ‘HELP’ always includes the following.


Showing you the possibilities


Seeing things from your point of view


Hearing what's important to you and why

Practical solutions

Providing evidence-based tools that help you today


Whether you are looking to provide colleagues with tools to manage wellbeing, create a network of Mental Health First Aiders, or looking to upskill your management team, we can help you!

We are a UK-based training provider with a proven reputation for delivering interactive and engaging learning solutions since 2008.

Transforming your businesses to promote employee engagement, and wellbeing and performance; our solutions are available as one-off workshops or built into a complete learning programme of events to support your strategy.

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Looking for 1-1 support to help you cope with loss?
Over 40 causes of loss result in unresolved grief, often leaving us feeling stuck, confused, and isolated.

Change can also leave you feeling a sense of loss of the life you had when that something or someone was there.

Identify the core of your struggle through the process of breakthrough coaching. Proven NLP techniques will help you map out a path to overcome challenges and obstacles and eliminate self-doubt.

Whether you’re experiencing the loss of motivation, the loss of a relationship, a change in career, a bereavement, or you’re anticipating a loss; you’ll learn evidence-based skills to help you onto a brighter path.

What makes The Helpful Coach special?

Insights over opinion

Insights over opinion

Driven and informed by experience. Putting insight at the heart of The Helpful Coach approach. Add to that, proven evidence-based practical skills to get the results you deserve from the beginning.

Diverse Expertise

Diverse Expertise

The Helpful Coach works holistically to bring a wealth of certified, traditional, and latest coaching techniques to each client. Proven interactive methods are tailored to suit your circumstances and learning style to ensure positive results from the beginning.

Understanding You

Understanding You

Drawing from real-life lessons and lived experiences, The Helpful Coach applies these and the experiences of others to fully develop an understanding of what is.

Who Is The Helpful Coach?

Regarded as the ‘safe pair of hands’ to help you onto a brighter path. Designing programmes for your personal needs and circumstances.

Check out how we’ve helped others…

Ross County FC Academy

Ross County FC Academy

Oct 2020

Emma put together a range of informative virtual workshops for our Academy players. These sessions were tailored for us with lots of interaction and have enhanced the wellbeing of the team.

Academy Manager

Spa Medica

Spa Medica

Feb 2021

The team at THC have supported us to implement our wellbeing strategy. We now have a team of Mental Health First Aiders who are able to support positive mental health and challenge stigma.

Leadership & Talent Training Manager

Aim High Academy

Aim High Academy Trust

Oct 2020

Emma designed and delivered a programme of workshops for our team of teachers. These sessions were informative with lots of space to think and reflect. We now how a range of tools to use across the trust.

Director of Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare

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